Overview: Vivint Smart Home App (copy)

Vivint Smart Home App Overview With the Vivint Smart Home app, you can access your home from anywhere. The app makes is easy to arm and disarm your system, adjust thermostats and lighting, view live camera feeds, and much more. From the home screen, you can arm the system by sliding the main shield left to Staying or right to Leaving. To disarm, simply slide the shield down. If you have a smart door lock or garage door controller, you can control these devices from the home screen as well by toggling the icon to the desired state. In the top left corner of the home screen, you can tap the menu icon to gain access to custom actions, notifications, settings, support, and an option to sign out of the app. At the bottom of the home screen, you will see a number of icons depending on what devices you have installed. The first icon will be the security shield that works as a home button for the main screen. The second icon in the bottom navigation bar will be the current temperature of your home and can be used to access your smart thermostat. From the thermostat screen, you can adjust the temperature, change the mode, turn the fan on or edit your thermostat schedules by swiping up from the bottom menu icon. The third icon in the bottom navigation bar will be a camera. By tapping this icon you will be able to see the live feeds of the cameras installed in your home, plus get access to recorded video clips. The fourth icon shown is a toggle. This screen will give you access to lights and small appliance modules installed in your home. From here you can turn devices on or off, or, for dimmer modules, you can set the dim level. The final icon will be a clock. By tapping here, you can see all of the events that have happened in your home, such as clips that have been recorded and doors and windows that were opened or closed. You can apply filters to your system history by tapping in the right hand corner to find specific events by date or device. For more information about the Vivint Sky app, please visit support.vivint.com