Welcome to the Vivint Smart Home Family

"Welcome to the Vivint Smart Home family!
I'd like to start by taking a few moments to walk you through what to expect during your install.
Your Smart Home Pro will have reviewed your equipment with you to make sure that you have all of the right sensors, detectors, and Smart Home devices you‰Ûªll need.
You will have also decided where to install your SkyControl panel, which acts as a hub for your system.
Once installed in a convenient location, your Pro will begin pairing it with your personalized devices and installing them throughout your home.
While the installation is taking place, please take a few minutes to review the training videos provided here.
These videos will cover a few of the Vivint SkyControl, mobile app, and online basics as well as some best practices for living with a smart home.
We hope you sit back, relax and get familiar with your new Vivint Smart Home."