Introduction: Vivint Sky App

"To start using the Vivint Sky app, you will need to send a remote access invitation to your email from your SkyControl.
As mentioned in the previous video, the Smart Home Pro will help you set up your primary user.
When sending your remote access invite, we recommend using the same email address that you gave us during your purchase process.
When you receive the invitation email, click on the link and create a password.
This email address and password will give you access to the Vivint Sky app and your online account.
Now it's time to download the Vivint Sky app.
Search ‰Û÷Vivint Sky‰Ûª in your phone‰Ûªs app store.
Once installed, log in with the email and password you just set up.
Just like on the SkyControl panel, from the app‰Ûªs main screen, you can arm and disarm your system and access your smart home devices like cameras or thermostats.
One of the first things you‰Ûªll want to do after your system is fully installed is customize your smart home with rules and notifications.
A rule will cause something to happen in your system, whereas a notification will inform you when an action takes place.
For example, you might want to have your kid‰Ûªs bedroom light turn on every morning when it is time to wake up
Additionally, you may want a notification sent to your smartphone when the kids get home from school
To set a custom rule or notification, tap the menu icon in the top left corner and select ‰Û÷Custom Actions‰Ûª.
There will be a few default rules that have been created for you.
If you want, you can turn them on or off by using the toggle to the right.
At the top you‰Ûªll see the rules and notifications tabs.
You can create custom actions by tapping new rule or new notification and following the prompts
The sky really is the limit here, so have fun and customize your system to your lifestyle.
You can also access all of these features and more online through our web app.
Our next video will walk you through the Vivint online experience.
For more information about the Vivint Sky app, please refer to"