Introduction: SkyControl Panel

"To get started, let's walk through your SkyControl panel and its most common uses.
Your SkyControl really is the hub of your home.
You can use it to arm and disarm your home, see your camera's live feed, and even control devices like thermostats and door locks.
Once installed, your Smart Home Pro will help you setup your first user and 4-digit PIN. This user is likely the main admin on the system.
To create and manage additional users, follow these simple steps.
From the home screen, you'll see a menu icon in the upper left corner.
Tap this once and then tap settings.
You will need to enter your 4-digit admin PIN
Tap ‰Û÷Users & permissions‰Ûª and then ‰Û÷Add new‰Ûª to add a new user
Follow the prompts to enter the new user's information
If you would like this user to have remote access to your system, select the user, enter his or her email address and tap ‰Û÷Send invitation‰Ûª
Once you have your users set up, the most basic feature you will use on your SkyControl panel is arming and disarming
To arm the system, tap and hold the house on the home screen. You will have two options: ‰Û÷Leaving‰Ûª or ‰Û÷Staying‰Ûª
If you are arming the system to leave the home, slide to ‰Û÷Leaving.‰Ûª
The system will begin a countdown to give you time to exit the home without triggering an alarm.
The default exit delay is 60 seconds. Once you leave, all sensors in the home will be armed.
If you are arming the system and you plan on staying in the home, slide to ‰Û÷Staying.‰Ûª
Your interior sensors, such as motion detectors, will remain unarmed so that you can move around your home freely.
However, if any perimeter sensors such as doors or windows are opened, the alarm will be triggered.

When you are ready to disarm the system, tap the house on the home screen and slide it down to ‰Û÷Disarm‰Ûª
If you enter your home from the front door and your system was armed to ‰Û÷Leaving‰Ûª, the system will start a countdown to give you time to disarm.
The default entry delay is also 60 seconds.
You will be prompted to enter your 4-digit PIN to disarm the system
One of the best features of having a Vivint Smart Home is that you don‰Ûªt have to be home to control your system.
With the Vivint Sky app, you are always connected to your home and family through any mobile device.
Our next video will walk you through some app basics.
You can refer to for more information about your SkyControl."