Introduction: Vivint Online Account

"For your convenience, you can access your account and your Vivint Smart Home system by going to
You can login by using the same login information that you set up for your app as long as we have your email address on file
After logging in, you will see your account dashboard.
From here, you can view and pay your bill, control your home, and download important documents such as your certificate of installation.
By clicking the ‰Û÷control my home‰Ûª icon, you can access all the same features of the Vivint Sky Mobile App.
Many home insurance providers offer discounts for owning a professionally monitored security system, so make sure you download your certificate of installation and send it to your insurance agent for possible savings.
If you ever need help, we have a ton of resources available online to help you take advantage of all the great features of your new Vivint system.
You can go directly to our support site by clicking on ‰Û÷support‰Ûª in the main navigation of your account center or by visiting
Here you‰Ûªll have access to detailed tutorials, videos, and step-by-step guides for all of your Vivint Smart Home devices.
Being comfortable with your system is our number one goal. In the next video, we will share some best practices for living with Vivint!"