Living With Vivint Smart Home

"Congratulations on your new Vivint smart home!
You can rest easy knowing that your home and family are protected by Vivint‰Ûªs world-class products.
One of the most important things after your installation is to get to know your Vivint Smart Home and how to prevent accidentally setting off an alarm.
False Alarms happen to everyone from time to time, but let‰Ûªs take a look at some of the most common causes and how you can avoid them.
Forgetting to disarm the system, or not realizing the system is armed, is the most common reason for triggering a false alarm.
Something you can do to avoid these False Alarms is to set up custom rules and notifications for arming and disarming the system.
For example, you can have the system disarm in the morning at 7am before you leave and have a notification sent to you letting you know when the system is disarmed.
Just make sure you remember your system status so you don‰Ûªt accidentally set off the alarm if you need to take the dog out.
If you arrive home and the system is armed, you will have a default of 30 seconds to disarm the system.
If you wish to have your entry delay times changed to give you more time to disarm the system, please speak with your Smart Home Pro.
Another option is to use the phone app or a key fob to disarm the system before you enter your home.
Relatives, baby sitters, and many other individuals can also accidentally cause false alarms if they are not familiar with the operation of your Vivint Smart Home.
Be sure to introduce them to your system and show them how to disarm it.
You can add as many users as you need with their own 4-digit PINs, so that everyone can get along with your Vivint smart home.
Thank you for watching and, as always, you can find detailed tutorails for every aspect of your smart home by visiting"