Overview: SkyControl 3.7 (copy)

Skycontrol 3.7 Overview Your Vivint SkyControl panel is the hub of your home. You can use it to manage any of the devices in your home, access user permissions, and control basic settings like chimes, panel volumes and display options. Arming and disarming your home will likely be the most used feature on the home screen. You can also control door locks and garage doors directly from here. The volume icon in the upper right corner allows you to change the volume for the overall system or individual sensors so you can customize the panel just how you want it. Depending on how you have customized your Vivint Smart Home system, you may see a camera icon for accessing cameras and live video feeds, a temperature display for controlling thermostats, and a toggle option for controlling lamp modules and switches. Finally, the menu icon in the top left corner can be used to access settings and your users and permissions To learn more about your smart home, visit support.vivint.com. We have hundreds of detailed tutorials to help you make the most of your Vivint system.