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"Welcome to Vivint Internet!
I‰Ûªd like to take a few moments to walk you through what to expect during your Internet installation appointment, as well as some key features of your Vivint Internet service.
Your Vivint Internet technician will start by installing a receiver on the roof of your home.
A network cable will be ran from the receiver into your home and connected to a power box called a PoE that will power your receiver.
In newer homes that have ethernet cables wired throughout the house, the PoE will be connected to a network port that is most likely located within a network panel near your breaker box.
This power box should always be plugged in in order to maintain internet connection.
Once the PoE is plugged in and connected to your receiver, they will work together to bring internet to your home, much like a modem.
This will run the internet connection to ports in your home where you can connect your router.
In older homes that were not built with wireless internet in mind, the PoE will need to connect directly to your router with an ethernet cable.
If requested, your technician will install a new router for you.
You will be provided with a username and password for the router in order to connect your wireless devices.
If you have an existing router that you would like to have connected, your Vivint Internet technician can support the Asus N66U and AC66U routers.
If you have a different router, you may need to contact the manufacturer for support.
Once the hardware installation is complete, you will be able to access your online account by going to internetcustomers.vivint.com. Log in with the email and password that you set up during your purchasing process.
The online account allows you to view and pay your bill and update billing and contact information.
Should you ever need help, you can access detailed support information and tutorials by visiting support.vivint.com.
Thank you for choosing Vivint Internet and welcome to the Vivint Smart Home family."